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Frequently asked questions


How many properties can I enter?

Unlike some property management software products, Visual Rental Pro does not artificially limit you to a pre-defined number of properties that can be entered into the system.  As your rental property portfolio grows, you do not incur additional charges.

Can our entire office staff use the program?

VRP is multi-user network ready, so it can be shared with all the users in your office. And with Windows Remote Desktop, you can login to your office while at home and run VRP. And VRP can also be run on a stand-alone PC.

Many of our properties are the same, so we need to book renters into units on a rotating basis.

VRP supports property rental rotation in three different ways. 

Does VRP manage property cleaners?

You can assign cleaners to reservations, track their assignment schedules, indicate when units have been cleaned, and pay cleaners as vendors.

Our properties have varying commission rates.  Is that an issue?

VRP supports property-specific commission rates. Or use the system-wide commission rate, or a combination of the two. You can also override the commission rate should the need arise.

We offer golf packages, linens, bike rentals, etc... to renters. Can VRP track these charges?

Use the equipment charges option to track reservation expenses like linens, golf packages, bike rentals, butler service, ... that you charge renters.

Some of our properties have a simplistic "high / mid / off" rental schedule, while other owners price their units by the week.

VRP allows the user to define simple-to-detailed rental seasons/rates per property.  You can also create a company-wide set of seasons.

We manage both short and longterm rentals. Can these different types of rental units be tracked in VRP?

You can track both shortterm and longterm rentals within the system.












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