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Testimonials from Visual Rental Pro users

Visual Rental Pro is in use by property management companies located across the United States (from Maine to California and from Washington state to the Florida Keys) and internationally (with clients in Canada, Costa Rica, France, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Mexico).   Try the Visual Rental Pro demo to see how easy it is to manage your rental properties, reservations, payments, and more.

You have done a great job in creating VRP. From an accountant’s point of view the program is outstanding. There are many software programs out there that claim to take care of all aspects of the rental management business; however many fall short on the accounting side – except yours. The features offered give you flexibility, built in payout safeguards give you piece of mine, response time on questions is immediate, data input is a breeze, list of reports available are immense, bank reconciliation is easy, and the price is fantastic! THANK YOU!!

Joan E. Vasko, EA
Staff Accountant
Thomas R. McDonald CPA PA

Our company looked and looked for a simple to use program but had the features that we needed to have a good transition into the computer rental world.  We have been using VRP for at least 8 years now and it has progressed, keeping up with the times and what the customers want.  MK Software is awesome and I can call or email anytime if I don't understand something or I can suggest a change. All of the other programs weren't just $1000's more but many $1000's more.  I have no intention of changing and know that the great customer service that we have had over the years will continue.

J.H. - Furcron Management 

Once we chose and began using Visual Rental Pro, it became apparent that it has all the features needed to run our Property Management Company. From property accounting, booking, check-in and check-out reports to company income and expense tracking, it does it all and then some. One of the great features is the ability to keep real time information on our web-site with a onetime reservation data, picture and property information entry on our office computer and then the easy upload feature from there to the web-site through the On-line booking module. It’s a great program with a great support system!

B.R. - Horizon Pacific Management & Rentals 

When I was in the market for a property management software solution, I researched no less than 4 major vendors. After several online demo’s, it was clear that Visual Rental Pro equaled the features of the others, but presented them in a more practical layout. Very user friendly and the training curve for new employee’s is very quick. Since we added the Online Booking Module and minor changes to our website, our online bookings have increased some 30% in the last year alone. In the past few months with regular updates, we have seen some great new features added which has made navigating availability even quicker.

S.R. - The Lodges at Blue Mountain 

Visual Rental Pro is very user friendly. It has many features the more expensive programs have. A great value with wonderful support! I highly recommend it.

J.G. - Quam Properties Hawaii 

This program was visual and easy-to-use from the start. It had features not included in packages that cost thousands more. But what I enjoyed most is that there was a real person to talk to if I didn't understand how to accomplish something with the program. I always got information about how to accomplish what I needed to do...in an understandable way. Worth it's weight in gold.

L. Y. - Catalina Vacation Rentals

In 2003 we were looking to replace our old reservation software and found Visual Rental Pro. It had all the features we were looking for at a much better price than the competition. We have been happy with this system from the start and many features have been improved and added through the years. The software is intuitive, visual, and it has been easy to train our seasonal help on. When the Online booking module was introduced, MK Software worked with us to create a customized appearance. We have been very happy with the entire package and all the support we have recieved! We highly recommend this product!.

C.C. - Austin Lakeside Properties


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