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Glad to Have You:  a cross-platform / mobile application Guest Management System

Glad To Have You

MK Software, Inc. is pleased to be partnered with Glad To Have You, a mobile guest management system specifically designed for the vacation rental market.  The Glad To Have You application is downloadable from the Apple App Store or the Google Marketplace.   The application is branded to your specific company, so that your guests are using "your" mobile management solution.  This technology is designed to help your business generate more revenue by:

- Increasing the efficiency of communication with your guests
- Increasing repeat business and new rental bookings by enhancing the guest experience
- Allowing you to communicate in real-time with each guest during their stay
- Making you more competitive to secure new rental properties

Visual Rental Pro communicates with the Glad To Have You system via an API so that property and reservation information are shared between both systems. This allows your property management company to personalize your guest's vacation experience.   Happy guests lead to great vacations, great vacations lead to repeat renters, which leads to happy property owners.... generating more revenue for you and your owners.

To get started with integration or to request more information, please click here.

Features of the Glad To Have You guest management system

Customized welcome screen, branded for your company.  Your guests can check-in, browse your properties or visit your website.

Customizable content from the rental manager portal allows you to add links, documents, images and even videos to make your content rich and immersive. Customize content to the property level. 

Local recommendation tools so that you can make certain that your guests have the best time possible.

A simple user interface will amaze your guests, allowing them to quickly find what they are looking for.
Send real time notifications immediately to your guests - right on their phone or tablet. Want to let all of your guests know the fireworks are cancelled? Boom. Done. Want to immediately message all your units on the North Beach and let them know that the beach conditions are dangerous? Its easy with Glad To Have You.
The Management Portal is where you administer and customize your application. It is robust, intuitive, and easy to use. Manage reservations and invitations, guest folios, analytics and statistics, manage rental unit information (maps, driving directions, etc), photo gallery, guest notifications and reminders, local recommendations, and customizable content from the portal.

Enjoy unparalleled ease of use with Visual Rental Pro / Glad To Have You integration.  Its easy and automatic. 

Use the Glad To Have You guest management tool to manage all of your reservations from the time of booking to post-stay. Flag repeat guests and VIP's, send important information to your guests, see detailed analytics on all of your guests, and more!

Contact MK Software at info@rentalpro.com for more information.



To get started with integration or to request more information, please click here.



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