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The iCal Property calendar sync feature for the Online Module

If you advertise some of your individual rental properties on property aggregate websites such as Flipkey, VRBO, HomeAway, AirBnB, and others, you can take advantage of a new calendar-syncing feature of VRP's Online Module. Many of these aggregate websites allow the user to keep their property availability calendars up to date by syncing to external data sources, including VRP's Online Module.

For each of your properties on one of these aggregate websites, you can reference a URL that pulls data from the VRP Online Module data, so that the calendars are automatically updated by the sync process. This auto updating feature saves a tremendous amount of time that otherwise would be required by manually updating property calendars.

While the exact process of syncing a calendar may vary slightly, the overall practice is the same. For each rental property of yours on (for example) Flipkey, you would specify a URL to pull availability schedules from. This URL is a VRP online module link for the particular property. The links are provided to your by MK Software.

This auto-syncing feature saves a tremendous amount of time that otherwise would be required to manually update individual property calendars on these other sites.

The following images use Flipkey as an example of setting the iCal sync URL for a given rental property.  Other aggregator websites may vary slightly.

Specify the VRP ical property sync URL


Specify the VRP ical property sync URL

The URL you would paste into the highlighted input box above comes from a new report located under the MISC tab of the VRP Reports Catalog.  For each property posted online, the report will list the property name and number, along with the iCal sync URL.  Use the URLs from this new Visual Rental Pro report to populate the "external calendar" links via the dashboard on these aggregator sites.

iCal URL report for VRP

Specify the iCal sync URLs one time on the dashboard/account setup on these aggregator sites, and those sites will pull availability / booked date information multiple times a day from your VRP online data. So you no longer have to spend the time to keep each property's calendar up to date.

Please check the VRP help file for more information on how to use the new iCal URL sync feature.

 VRP Help

Click here to purchase the iCal Sync feature.

(You must currently be using the Online Module for VRP in order to use this feature.)




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